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About Remna

“My spine is Africa, the flesh is everything else. I imagine music like paintings, and picture political preoccupations, social problems, and love solutions with every color that I know, even when all my surroundings mirror me shadows and grey areas. Love is the only answer in dark times. We are not here to fight the power, but to find our own power with kindness and patience, just like Amilcar Cabral taught us. We are here to stay and plant a better future, because future is just now and our children deserve a better world than the one we received as a heritage. My new album “Zona Zero”, is the result of this mission, to respect my routes, but opening new horizons, even as an artist” Remna

REMNA is an African treasure. Born in Senegal Remna Schwarz has lived in countries like Congo, Mali, Senegal, Guiné, Cabo Verde França, Cuba or even the EUA, Remna performed in South by Southwest Festival in Texas USA, receiving great reviews with the likes of Wobean Music naming his music of “Great Pan African Music”.

In 2005 REMNA won the “Revelation Prize” of the french festival, “Le Printemps de Bourges”, and has since opened for live acts such as Youssou n Dour, Ayo or Lokua Kanza